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What is Olivers' Travels about?
Oliver (we never learn whether this is his first name or his surname) is a middle-aged lecturer in Comparative Religion, with a passion for trivia, crosswords and anagrams, and a very strange taste in jokes. Having been made redundant from the University of the Rhondda Valley, and with no family ties, he decides to set off on a quest to find "Aristotle", a setter of crosswords. He soon teams up with WPC Diane Priest, who has just been suspended from the police force because she has been asking too many questions about a local murder that seems to implicate the Chief Constable. Pursued by Baxter ("the man with no name"), Oliver and Diane visit Shrewsbury, North Yorkshire, Durham, Hadrian's Wall and Kirkleven (in the Scottish highlands) on their journey to find "Aristotle" in the Orkney Isles. Along the way they uncover a major scandal centred around a property company. The laconic humour and the laid-back style are similar in many ways to "Beiderbecke Affair, The" (1985) (mini) , Beiderbecke Tapes, The (1987) (TV) and "Beiderbecke Connection, The" (1988) (mini) (also by Alan Plater), but with the added pleasure of word puzzles like those in Colin Dexter's "Inspector Morse" books. Written by Martin Underwood

Genre: Comedy, Drama

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