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He had to battle prejudice, ignorance and his own fear in his search for the truth. More than any other scientist, he changed mankind's view of the world and our place in it. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution stands as one of the most important discoveries in the history of science. Yet in his lifetime, Darwin was reluctant to reveal what he had learned for fear that it would make him and his family despised outcasts. He was right to worry; more than a century later, there are those who cannot accept his findings. At the time, they were viewed by many as heresy. From his historic voyage on the Beagle to his personal anguish over publicizing his findings, this is a fascinating profile of the life and times of the great naturalist. Excerpts from his journals detail his discoveries while leading scientists and scholars, including the author of Charles Darwin: Evolution of a Naturalist, shed light on his private life, public persona and monumental legacy.

Genre: Documentary
Season 1
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