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To The Manor Bowen follows Changing Rooms design guru Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and his wife Jackie, their two idiosyncratic kids, batty old grandma and their eccentric entourage to the heart of the English countryside in their quest to buy a grand new home.

Jackie is tired of the London celebrity treadmill and is on a mission to get her family and staff to move to the country in search of the simple life. Laurence, a Londoner through and through, is less enthusiastic. But undeterred Jackie finds herself a run down 17th century manor house in the West Country and buys it. Luckily Laurence loves it too, and put his reputation, finances and familys happiness on the line by moving everyone into this rundown rural ruin while they attempt to transform it into a magnificent family home. The beautifully surprising and refreshingly unpredictable Llewelyn-Bowens open their normally tightly-bolted celebrity doors to give us a peek at their unconventional and unruly family life.

Fights over the budget, sexual frisson in the flower beds, tantrums at photo-shoots and planning advice from a psychic, life is never boring living with Laurence and Jackie LB! Will Jackie find the peace she craves or does the celebrity circus just follow them to Cirencester?

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Season 1
    Episode 1: Move  
    Episode 2: Money  
    Episode 3: Builders  
    Episode 4: Flood  
    Episode 7: Showtime  
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