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Watch CBC Wild Docs online: Episode 20 99 Days On the Ice

The second arctic adventure from the couple that met and fell in love at the North Pole. Their dream was the biggest, the longest and the hardest possible ice expedition: the total crossing of the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada via the North Pole. They swam across polar seas and pulled their 90-kilogram sledges across the drifting ice. They suffered through extreme temperatures, and encountered polar bears. They experienced the mental challenges of being a couple, and a mother endured the hardship of being away from her children. For more than 1500 km the nearly inhuman pain and effort could not stop them. But after 99 days of struggling, they were confronted with the reality of global warming. Scientists are talking about it, everyone is thinking about it, but at the top of the Earth these explorers found themselves alone in front of it. Trapped and surrounded by breaking ice, the couple had to abandon their dreams just miles from the finish line and had to be airlifted in order to save their lives. "Through the plane window I saw how much the Arctic was melting, and I understood how close we had been to a disaster. We were alive but the Arctic Ocean was dying."

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