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Watch CBC Wild Docs online: Episode 8 Amazing Moments

A collection of some of the most incredible moments ever caught on film. Amazing Moments showcases some of the most incredible moments ever caught on film. From surviving disaster on land, in the air and at sea, Amazing Moments will leave viewers gasping for breath. This must-see documentary captures the power of nature's fury up-close and personal. Four action-packed segments feature spectacular imagery and firsthand accounts from the scientists, journalists and filmmakers on the scene that let viewers experience thrilling moments of discovery, heart-pounding adventure, and shocking rarely seen animal behaviors. A base jumper equipped with a helmet-cam takes a mile-high free fall-but his parachute won't open. A cameraman films a shark swimming away-but the shark turns back for an unexpected close-up. A journalist and his crew duck for cover on a mountaintop in Afghanistan as their location comes under attack and bullets fly right over their heads.

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