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Watch CBC Wild Docs online: Episode 5 Lost at Sea

Extreme sports at its most extreme - witness an unbelievably dangerous journey across the wildest and loneliest stretch of ocean on Earth - all captured on camera. This amazing documentary opens with a chilling mayday call from the documentary's subject, a garbled message that compels viewers to continue watching. Most of us can't fathom what drives people to risk their lives doing extreme sports. But Australian Andrew McAuley's wife did, when she introduced the mountaineer to open ocean kayaking. Now he's attempting an unbelievable first-a solo kayak crossing from Tasmania to New Zealand via some of the most ruthless and dangerous waters imaginable, with a camera mounted on the front of his boat. He's not only leaving behind his wife, but also a young son, and a host of friends who can only marvel at his risk-taking. As we learn from the opening scene in Lost at Sea, he runs into serious trouble. The New Zealand coast guard receives a mayday call that he's 30 miles offshore and his boat is sinking. Extraordinary video diaries recorded throughout his journey allow us to watch one man risk everything.

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