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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 37 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 37

Chuji to Mongolia on the way, see Yuan soldiers killed along the way, and after Kublai see great ambition, Guo Jing advised to leave early, or will command the future Temujin attack Song Guo Jing, but Guo Jing and Temujin deep feelings, do not listen to the Chuji Yan, Qiu also refused to talk about, with Guo Jing carefully consider. Temujin life Guo Jing, Tuolei, Wokuo Tai attack beam, the Golden annihilate, and three secret order given to three. Ping doubt on the secret order, quietly open the secret order to look, we know the desire to break the beam Temujin, and then attack Song Jing Lin, Guo Jing and said if pregnant dissent, to mother and child were killed. Guo Jing mother was shocked, and plans to flee the night before leaving, Li Ping, Yiyi goodbye to Hua Zheng, Hua Zheng tell Temujin, Temujin ordered Shu Chi to Guo Jing that mother Zhuohui, impose coercion, but no Ping For Guo Jing as traitors, angrily suicide. Guo Jing mother holding the body running and blocked by Zhebie etc., but then had to save Temujin Zhebie Mindful of a life, will he let go. Guo Jing claimed Enduanyijue with Temujin, the future and Mongolia sworn. Chuji see Guo Jing decadent state, good words to comfort, Guo Jing has been a hate martial arts, attracted trouble, Chuji find that with Guo Jing Shan Bo to pass, pass to Bo Guo Jing forget the martial arts teach the law, then followed Chuji to Guo Jing Hua, Huang Rong is surprised to find Ouyang Feng attend cave teaching human resource configurations.

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