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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 36 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 36

Wanyanhonglie four fled, and finally escape the Yuan soldiers eyes and ears, caught back to the barracks, Guo Jing personally Honglie kill, to revenge patricide. Guo Jing and Huang Rong agreed with Huazheng addition to the proposed marriage Temujin, but feast on seeing Jin Guo Jing Yuan soldiers killed by the people suffer, much could not bear to, pleading to stop the killing Temujin Kim Min, Huang Rong commitments will be set aside. Guo Jing Hua Zheng understand the feelings, the voluntary dissolution of marriage made to his father, Guo Jing was touched, and anti-sense Huang Rong Hua Zheng less substantial. Huang Rong hidden tree, saw the two pro? Attitude, anger away, Guo Jing and Huang Rong chasing the edge of a cliff to explain sudden arrival of Ouyang Feng, palm strike to Huang Rong, Huang Rong falling cliff, Guo Jing Ouyang Feng opponent not knowing , want to commit suicide jumping, but rescued by Ouyang Feng, Guo Jing taught him to force human resource configurations, but Guo Jing rather die than surrender. Ouyang Feng Guo Jing was in prison in the temple, quietly took the opportunity to practice human resource configurations, big into martial arts, soon after, Bo Qiu Qianren to pass in pursuit of the temple, Ouyang Feng is about to blow out the candle and four dark war. But Bo Tong fun, let alone deal with Guo Jing Ouyang Feng and a thousand yards, lost to Guo Jing, Guo Jing Bo go through the rescue. Guo Jing, see Temujin debilitating, the proposed treatment, please come Chuji, Temujin know Quanzhen always know good health, that is, the arrival of ordered letters, please Chuji meet.

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