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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 34 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 34

Huacizimo the Moke last place by Wanyanhonglie instigate, killing Mongolia messenger, so that Temujin was furious and immediately called Zhujiang and declared war on the prince Huacizimo, Guo Jing and the End of frequent Temujin,'m glad to army expedition, Temujin Yan Feng Guo Jing for that great general and commander million team. However, soon after, Lu and other elders to join with the disciples with a thousand beggars. Temujin was elected pledging feast like sweat successor, Shuchi and Chagatai intrigue, sweat, although they know good use of forces Wokuo Tai daily treats others with generosity, then vote for him as his successor, Shuchi and Chagatai deeply displeased contest after dinner, Guo Jing for the two resolved, but the two men then take decisive battle with the elite to the prairie, Guo Jing fear armies decimated, like you Temujin resolved, but Temujin drunk unconscious, Fortunately, the elders of the Wu Lu Mu testament art of war prompted Guo Jing, the military barrier Shepan array, surrounded by tiger capture array wing against those captured soldier will Shuchi and Chagatai. Yuan soldiers Jiugong Yanjing high, is suffering without response, highlight the current camp hostage Guo Jing Ouyang Feng, Guo Jing to force the surrender of the Huang Rong, Guo Jing and Huang Rong-know have been out of danger, and in camp activities, often through the use of troops Guo Jing Lu Presbyterian. Guo Jing Ouyang Feng have more trouble for the defense may offer advice and tied the elders under the pit Lu, Ouyang Feng Hou appears to him alive.

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