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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 16 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 16

?Liuguai stop ????? contacts, Huang Ronghuai hate mind, citing Liuguai to the cave, the use of Mei Chaofeng against Liuguai, Guo Jing see in the eyes, too narrow minded sense of Huang Rong, Mei Chaofeng must deal with Liuguai desperate, not Huang Rong For Guo Jing injured, quickly persuaded Mei mercy, Liuguai get insurance life. Nim Chi unfortunately crept into the palace to find the weak, blaming weak ruthless pity, but unfortunately I do not know Nim Chi anger weak cause, to ask, we know the Yang Kang from the mercy of the letters swap to cut off the audio, but unfortunately the weak then took her to find Nim Chi See core, but the two guards, but due to avoid, but unfortunately had to remain weak Palace, at a later date for the plan. Nim Chi on the way to meet Yang Kang, Kang rhetoric, so that the health Nim Chi bite the bullet, in the future to deal with Wanyanhonglie side, do not go home after the weak to the core to say but unfortunately the situation. Mei Chaofeng things are still obsessed Chen Xuanfeng killed, and see Guo Jing then hand the dagger Hyeonpung manslaughter, namely Guo Jing onslaught, thrilling stricken.

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