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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 8 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 8

?Met in the mountains Jing Ma Yu Danyang child, not a horse, see Jing martial arts, then taught the method of luck Jing, Jing is very grateful. Ke Duijing very disappointed, then forced the whole blond Jing contest with six younger brother, the person concerned for the Jing, Jing, then teach to the secret hope that three strategies could then be Liuguai, but Jing upset, Ma Yu In view of this, to teach Jing with the gateway of the law, revitalized the spirit of Guo Jing and development contest the following day, the fruit can easily cope with, but a sense of Jing Ke martial arts are different, all want to ask out, but Yasukuni refuses to tell the truth. Liuguai secretly tracking Jing, see Jing dodge He was very high, but not Jing trace of a moment, and found Mei Chaofeng martial arts, the misunderstanding with the plum to learn martial arts Jing, Ke furious, determined to kill Jing addition to misfortune. On the one hand, and Jing Ma Yu Mei Chaofeng chance encounter in the mountains, Mei powerful martial arts, after the horse injured, fled, and Ma Yu Jing is down, only to see the foot of a military camp stationed, is working with the original Sang Kun Jin to discuss the assassination of Temujin, Jing shocked, and that is rushed to inform the iron, but iron has Tuolei the road to find Sangkun, Yasushi that side of the Zhebie sent reinforcements to the side to find yourself riding iron, surprise, halfway through the Ke The resistance Fortunately, Ma Yu timely manner, explains everything to save everyone with Temujin.

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