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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 5 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 5

?Honglie visit Guo Jing was shocked to see Guo, Yang souls, know that the descendants of Guo Xiaotian Guo Jing is rather weak Honglie deep care, fear and pity the weak Li Ping was reunited and the destruction of marital relations, Sui Ming Huang Guo Jing between the four ghosts to the yurt burned, Guo Jing mother fled in time, no injuries, but the four ghosts continue to kill, seven South strange seeing this, the four ghosts repulsed. Guo Jing Hong Lie To avoid Temujin on the matter in doubt, pretend to be four ghosts pleasure, and is poised to incite the feelings Sangkun and Temujin, Temujin of the forces of free and expanding, and the threat of gold country. Guo Jing Honglie false apology to the set banquet, during which all Shidui Guo Jing, cynical, do not use the Gold Cup Xuguo Jing, Temujin seeing this, ordered his wine, his helmet to the Guo Jingsheng, Sang Kun arrogance arrogant sense of Temujin, much less . Have not been Huazheng love of history, the following flows insulted Hua Zheng, Guo Jing could not bear watching, and all the history of fight, will have to fight to the history of injuries, Temujin seeing, to avoid falling out with the Sangkun would Guo Jing whip to the raw and, in turn Huazheng betrothed to all history, to calm the storm, but even for Hua Zheng Guo Jing worth, scolded Temujin, Temujin of the original to the nation as the most important, do not want to split with the real strong family, so at the expense Huazheng in order to maintain state. Hua Zheng resolutely away, Tuolei sympathy Huazheng situation, then forced to make preparing for the wedding Jing and Hua Zheng, surprise, is prominent at this time Mei Chaofeng, Guo Jing was shocked, this busy South Seven strange.

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