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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 2 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2

?Honglie will unfortunately take away the weak, alias Yen strong, weak good care all the way to the pity, but unfortunately I do not know Honglie weak is the true murderer Butcher's Wife, anti-grace to thank their care. Chuji core and whistled across the sky that was Songbing kill angrily to find Duantian De afterwards, Duan Ping hostage to, and found it to Hokkeji coke wood master Chuji misrepresentation was unreasonable to kill, hiding in the temple. Chuji ordered to hand over Duantian De coke wood, and the next day at Joy Tsin Lau agreed to settle the matter, see the mounds of wood coke extraordinary powers, that sent people to seek blame seven South to help. Chuji and south within seven to make a strange trounced at Joy Tsin Lau, guessed Honglie Gang in the building, Kinbyo misunderstanding Honglie attack, the battalion of troops and horses siege Joy Tsin Lau, Chuji mistaken seven strange collusion with Jin, a large anger away. Chuji to Hokkeji find seven weird afterwards, the results will suffer, Duantian De opportunity Yusha Chuji, but for the coke wood block, wood coke Duantian De ordered to kill, take Ping. Seven South Chuji explain everything through strange and after a misunderstanding both know the mercy of a Duan Tiande from, bringing the misunderstandings that could be resolved, but the strange seven first Kezhen E denounce Chuji will hit and seriously injured his brothers, with the contest Chuji But Chuji contest set way to save the seven strange Ping, Chuji pity to save the weak, the two sides will both brought up the son of the belly, to teach the martial arts, eighteen years later for comparison. Pity the weak environment is Honglie brought back gold, we know the true identity of his, after making phone calls in the Wanyan Lie under the environment to stay in the birth of Yang Kang Jin, and Li Ping is also saved by the Mongols, birth to Guo Jing.

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