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Alphard later enters the flower gardens and blocks off Natsume, telling Maria and Yunyun to leave and see Canaan. During the stand off, Alphard reveals that Natsume is actually a secret agent for the Japanese Defense Intelligence Headquarters and was actually trying to obtain data related to the Ua virus. In addition, Alphard wishes to use "Borners" as potential biological weapons and wishes not to be a part of it anymore. A covert American task force known as Task Force 124, made up of various American special forces units, was deployed secretly into Chinese soil from Afghanistan in order to take down the Factory. Canaan fights off the advance of Delta Force operators already in the Factory, allowing Maria and the others to safely retreat without being caught in the crossfire. Alphard and Cummings meet up with Liang Ji, the latter being infuriated at Canaan's presence and at Alphard's refusal to acknowledge her work. Because of this, Alphard and Liang Ji began to fight against each other to the point where Liang Ji takes some pills to look like her. Liang eventually dies after Cummings shoots her in the back. Canaan finds Hakko making love to Santana's body and gives her pills and tells Canaan that she would stay than leave. Canaan safely evacuates after Task Force 124 UH-60 Black Hawk fired rockets to destroy the Factory. The PLA later acknowledges part of Task Force 124's work as part of anti-terrorist operations after the Shanghai incident.

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