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Victory by Design is a series of documentaries produced in the 2000s on the subject of famous racing automobile marques. The series began as a single film focused on Porsche, directed by award winning film-maker Tony Maylam, executive produced by Clive Pullan and hosted by former racing driver, Alain de Cadenet. They were commissioned by The Fox owned cable channel Speed. The channel commissioned a follow up documentary on Ferrari.

More specials, focused on Maserati, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Lotus, Corvette, Ford, and "Grand Prix Greats" were ordered. The series has been consistently popular on the channel and also in the DVD market. Victory By Design announced that they will do a special on American Motors Corporation soon featuring the Eagle SX/4, AMX, Rebel Machine, and many more.

Genre: Sports
    Episode 1: Porsche  
    Episode 3: Ferrari  
    Episode 5: Jaguar  
    Episode 6: Maserati  
    Episode 7: Lotus  
    Episode 8: Corvette  
    Episode 9: Maserati  
Season 1
    Episode 1: Jaguar  
    Episode 3: Porsche  
    Episode 4: Ferrari  
    Episode 5: Maserati  
    Episode 7: Lotus  
    Episode 8: Corvette  
Season 2 (watch here)
Season 3
    Episode 1: Corvette  
Season 4
    Episode 1: Ferrari  
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7
    Episode 1: Jaguar  
Season 8
    Episode 1: Lotus  
    Episode 2:   
Season 9
    Episode 1: Maserati  
Season 10
    Episode 1: Porsche  
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