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Watch Real Crime UK online: Episode 15 The 30yr Old Secret

The story of Lesley Molseed is heart-wrenchingly sad on so many levels and for so many people. Lesley was abducted and murdered in 1975 as she visited the corner shop near her home in Rochdale to buy a loaf of bread. Real Crime does an exemplary job of piecing together the many elements of a complicated case that was to result in an infamous miscarriage of justice when local misfit Stefan Kiszko was convicted of the killing after a botched police inquiry. Only in 2007 was the culprit, Ronald Castree, finally brought to justice after a new investigation secured the breakthrough. The programme features interviews with Lesley's family, the solicitor who took up Kiszko's case after years of campaigning by Stefan's mother, and with the wife and son of Ronald Castree. Of course, there is nothing from Kiszko, who died a broken man in 1993, just 18 months after his release from prison.

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